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What We Do

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Conceptualize It...
Creative Colour and Black and White Plans

Once we have met it's now my time to shine!  I will create a stunning landscape for you.  A combination of a colour landscape plan and black and white detail plans will give your landscape construction team all they need to complete your project.  


See It...

3D Site Rendering, Walkthrough and Movie

Okay, now this is maybe the coolest part of my process... I will be able to provide you with a tour of your space before the construction has been completed.  This will allow you to determine if your landscape feels the way you had imagined.  By immersing yourself in your new landscape you can decide if it's the right fit!  A walkthrough movie can also be created so you can show off your future landscape to your friends and family.

I use 'we" loosely, my helpers are dogs and the lack of opposable thumbs really pigeon holes them into more of an emotional support type role.

Contact Me

Calgary, ALberta, Canada


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Dream It...
On-site Consultation

I will happily come to you!  Our consultation is a great time to get to know each other.  We will explore different options and how to make your landscape vision a reality.  Even if you don't know exactly what you want at the moment my focus is to help you get there!

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